Introducing the First Ever Video Course that Covers the A Through Z of Setting Up Your WSL Dev Environment in Windows 10

Are you using a real Linux kernel to power your development while keeping your Windows 10 computer nice and clean? 

Then look no further... I’ll teach you everything you need to know in just about an hour for absolutely free!!! I intended to charge a nominal fee for this course at first, but The Laravel community has been good to me and I figure this is a small way for me to give a little back.

Save countless hours of time spent doing research to get the information that I have packed into this course. Avoid the frustrations and confusion of trying to figure it all out yourself and instead get everything served to you on a silver platter.

Although my course focuses on Laravel, the lessons will teach you everything you need to get your own development environment and tooling up and running.

Course Material

Here are the modules that will have instant access to as part of my course.

Module 1

Activate WSL and install Linux to get started in just minutes.

Module 2

Install PHP, your database, web server and everything else you need to get Laravel working.

Module 3

Automate the startup of your dev environment in seconds each time you start up WSL after each Windows 10 reboot.

Module 4

Learn how to host your code on the Windows filesystem and the caveats of this approach.

Module 5

Learn how to host your code on the Linux filesystem and the caveats of this approach.

Module 6

Setup TablePlus to access your database in WSL.

Module 7

Setup Tinkerwell to SSH into WSL and access your Laravel App.


Migrate from WSL 1 to WSL 2 and some of the changes you will need to make to access your database and App in WSL 2.

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